• TAIVI KOITLA / Marketing Manager of Viru Centre

The KalaMari Promotion team has managed to leave me an impression of a professional, innovative and loyal team. It is very inspirational to work with people whose eyes sparkle and to whom, at first glance, nothing seems impossible. The cooperation regarding organisation of a quite labour-consuming fashion festival – FIBIT at Viru Centre -, was wonderful. We will most certainly continue our cooperation with the people at KalaMari regarding various projects.


  • KAIDI LAUR / Marketing Manager of Kristiine Keskus

KalaMari Promotion is a cute little company where thoughts of spunky project managers are always one step ahead of yours because they know that when it comes to fashion, you always have to be at the right place at the right time. So we were also in a breath of fresh air. I’m very thankful for that.

  • THERESA TARUM / Marketing manager of L'Oreal Estonia (on maternity leave)

As I have some experience in organisation of events like the Dream Wedding, I can say for sure that it’s hard to find a more committed team than KalaMari Promotion.